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Helping you become

Stronger. Faster. Better.

Cycle specific & exercise specialists

About Us

Bike Kinetic is a health and fitness concept aimed at cyclists at all levels.

It is a multidisciplinary service started by Mattia Viel (professional cyclist) and Carla Patrocinio (biokineticist, kinesiologist) whereby they have brought together their qualifications, experience and passion to cater towards this dynamic and growing industry.

We aim at offering a service that is efficient, qualified and best suited to athletes and riders at their current level in order to compliment and enhance performance.

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Helping you become better 

  Not matter your goal, a personalized program   can help you get there faster.   

Fitness Services


Cycle Specific Periodized Programs


Fitness and Body Assessments


Biokinetic Rehab Sessions


Biokinetic and Biomechanical Assessments

Online Offerings 

 Online biokinetic and online workouts 

Online Offerings



Cycle Tours


Coffee Weekend Rides

Cycle Tours &

Coffee Weekend Rides 

 Join us for a cycling tour of the city or morning coffee rides on the weekend. 

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Carla completed her studies at the university of Johannesburg with an undergraduate in BA sports psychology followed by BA hons sports science and BA hons Biokinetics.  She went to complete her internship year at morning side sports medicine center and worked there for a further year.  She has also completed and obtained a diploma in Sports massage and exercise physiology. Carla has worked with sports teams such Kaizer Chiefs, MTN Quebeka and the Lions. 

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Professional cyclist  since 2015, current professional cyclist for Androni Sidermec, cycle enthusiasts and Co founder of Bike Kinetic. Mattia has brought together his extensive knowledge and passion for the cycling industry and created Bike Kinetic to help improve and assist all cyclists in the industry. He will be able to generate and assist with cycle program design weather it is for general fitness and maintenance, or to get you to your next level. He will give advice for tips on the bike, how to improve performance and general nutritional tips. 

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