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Carla is a qualified in sport psychology, Sport science and honours degree in Biokinetics, sport massage, pre and post-natal exercise and has a diploma in exercise science.


Carla is extremely passionate about human movement with special interest in cycle related injuries, corrective exercise and movement patterns.  With extensive experience working at a variety of mountain bike tours in south Africa such as the Cape epic, as well as a few international UCI events such as Tour  of Fuzhou, china, Tour of Portugual and Poland, Giro D Italia  both men and women, Milan Saneremo, Mialn Turin, Tour de France femme,The Vuelta. Expereince for Working for teams DSM, Quebeka and Austrian national team. 


She also gained extensive experience working at the sport medicine center in Johannesburg.



Mattia is a former pro cyclists. He is a cycle enthusiast and co-founder of Bike kinetic. Mattia has brought together his extensive knowledge and passion for cycling to assist and help improve other cyclists. He is responsible for assisting with cycle program design depending on what your main goal is ranging from fitness, maintenance, improve endurance or to get you to the next level. 

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